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Chiropractic Treatment

Are you suffering from neck pain? back pain?

Chiropractic care is the preferred treatment choice for your neck, back and many other sources of pain.

Our experienced chiropractors can pinpoint the true source of your pain.

You’ll then get the most safe & efficient plan to correct the issue and remove your pain.



What is Chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is a treatment for pain used by millions of people daily.

Chiropractic care involves using effective treatment choices including advanced spinal adjustments to resolve the pain you are feeling.

Chiropractic therapy is non-invasive, which means that the treatment you receive is drug-free and surgery-free.

  • Chiropractic therapy at the iBody is based on the latest and most cutting edge research. We believe that all therapy and treatment should be guided by literature and should have a scientific component to it. This helps us differ from other facilities as we apply tried and true treatment protocols to help our patients achieve optimal well-being.

  • All Chiropractic services are done in a private setting. We believe that all patients deserve to have the full attention of the health provider and for this reason, all patients are provided individualized treatment.

  • Our chiropractors are specialists at Spinal Manipulation Therapy also known as adjustments; applying a high-velocity low amplitude thrust to help relieve joint dysfunction. We, at iBody understand that the use of adjustments is case specific and should only be used when needed.

  • Our team also believes in manual therapy and institutes soft tissue therapy as an adjunct to therapy as well. This helps alleviate tension in the muscles and helps you feel less tense and relaxed.

  • Along with providing, soft tissue therapy and adjustments our team utilizes many modalities such as IFC, therapeutic ultrasound, acupuncture, EMS Workouts and more.

  • Our team will take all factor of your health into account to help understand what is causing your pain and dysfunction and will use the appropriate treatment protocols to get you the best results.







Common Conditions treated By Chiropractors:


  • Lower back pain: Muscle pulls, Lumbar facet dysfunction, joint dysfunction Disc injuries, Sciatic pain, arthritis, neurogenic and vascular claudication, Sacroiliac joint fixations

  • Neck pain: Cervical Facet Dysfunction, Muscle pulls, Joint dysfunctions

  • Headaches: Tension-type headaches, cervicogenic, migraines

  • Mid back pain: Joint dysfunction, Rib injuries, strains and sprains

  • Shoulder injuries: Rotator cuff injuries, A.C Joint dysfunction, tears, adhesive capsulitis,

  • Elbow injuries: Lateral epicondylitis, Medial epicondylitis

  • Knee injuries: ACL sprains, MCL/LCL Sprains, meniscus tears, jumpers knee

Why should I see a chiropractor:

You should visit a chiropractor if you have any nerve, muscle or joint pain. Chiropractors complete a Doctorate program which requires them to be the experts in anatomy and orthopaedics. Contrary to popular belief chiropractors treat more than just the neck and back dysfunction, as a matter of fact, our chiropractors have extensive knowledge in treating, shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist and ankle pain. Chiropractors are known as spinal and rehabilitative experts and can be seen following any sort of muscular or joint injury. The chiropractors at the iBody are very knowledgeable and will help assess, diagnose and treat your condition.

What are the benefits of seeing a Chiropractor:

  • Decrease your pain levels: By seeing the experts, you can help alleviate your symptom and get back to doing the things you love

  • Increase your range of motion: Range of motion is one of the most important aspects in one’s life. If you aren’t able to move freely, it can be quite cumbersome and taxing on your body. Whether you have neck stiffness or decreased movement in your shoulder region our team will use the best practices to help get you back to full range of motion.

  • Decrease muscle tension: Our team of practitioners will help you get the relief that you need! By using soft tissue techniques which have been shown to alleviate tension our practitioners will set up a treatment protocol using the best evidence to help you feel looser and better.

  • Increase muscle endurance and strength: Our team of experts will use the most recent literature to design the best rehabilitative protocol for your injury. Whether you are having low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or knee pain we will guide your treatment with the best practices to get you back to being active.

  • Preventative care: By undertaking the benefits of preventative care we can help you stay pain-free. Our team works with you once you are fully recovered to help prevent pain from reoccurring. We will formulate a strategy to help keep you in good health and help keep you doing the things you love.



Does Insurance cover chiropractic care:

Yes, many insurers will reimburse you for your chiropractic treatments. Also if you are involved in a car collision we are able to invoice the insurance company directly. We are fully certified to receive payments from all car insurance companies. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact our office.


Do I need a note to see the chiropractor:

No, you do not need a note to see the chiropractor. Our team is ready and willing to help all of those in need, so if you feel as though our treatment will be beneficial for you please call or book an appointment online.


Does your clinic offer any other services:

Our clinic is happy to provide you and your loved ones with the following if it's required:

  • Orthotics

  • Knee Braces

  • Elbow/wrist braces

  • Low back braces/supports

  • Compression Stockings

  • Home equipment for rehab

  • Therapeutic pain gels


Are all of your providers certified:

All of our Chiropractors are registered and in Good standing with the College of Chiropractors of Ontario. All of our spine care experts have graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College after completing a four-year Doctorate program. Once they completed their program they were certified by passing all board examinations and are now fully licensed and registered to practice in Ontario


Our evidence-based and literature-oriented approach to chiropractic care sets us apart from the rest of the field. We truly believe that working closely with patients and providing them with the care and education they deserve can truly lead to them improving their overall quality of life. As spinal experts, we utilize our expansive knowledge base to help an array of disorders and pride ourselves on providing the best practices for optimal and effective results.

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