Our Team.


We are a multidisciplinary clinic in Markham, whose services entail a high degree of collaboration and communication among health providers to help you on the road to recovery - whatever your needs.

At iBODY, we use a head to toe holistic approach to help achieve your health, wellness and beauty goals. While our primary focus is to maximize your health, we strongly advocate partnership and knowledge exchange to empower people to manage their own health and make sound care choices.

Our vision is to provide truly integrated healthcare services to all clients. Having worked within a variety of healthcare settings and observed the strengths and weaknesses within our various medical/rehabilitation disciplines, we have been inspired to serve as a bridge in addressing a very noticeable gap in services.

Although the healthcare system utilizes the services of numerous skilled professionals, all of whom are equipped to treat and manage a client’s care from a variety of perspectives, access to care, efficiency of care and overall quality and cost of care remains lacking. It has become apparent that collaboration and communication amongst various disciplines has become minimized or disjointed and the unfortunate result of this has been a redundancy with respect to assessment and treatment, to the degree that modalities employed frequently do not best facilitate the recovery process.

Our vision at iBODY is is to provide services which fully embodies collaboration and partnership amongst professionals and to serve as a primary center for the maintenance and promotion of health.

At iBODY, we are resolved to change this old practice and revolutionize the way we diagnose, treat, care, rehabilitate and promote health for our clients.




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