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Acne Reduction

What Are Acne Reduction Treatments?


Acne scar treatments involve the application of radio frequency resurfacing technologies as well as radiofrequency skin tightening devices and intense pulsed light to optimize the improvement in the appearance of acne. Acne comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from mild to moderate acne. They can also be deep, rolling hill to icepick-type of acne.


How Does Acne Reduction Treatments Work?


Photo facial RF treatments, which will decrease any redness and pigmentation associated with acne scars. In addition, acne scars can benefit from skin tightening procedures on the face. Mini lifts of the cheek and face can also smoothen the skin of acne scars and can be used in conjunction with any of the aforementioned laser and heating device technologies.

Generally, acne scars require a series of treatments, between three and six, performed once every 30 days.  The acne scar treatment involves the application of intense pulsed light energy to remove any redness or brown pigmentation at the base surrounding the acne scars


Who Is A Candidate for Acne Reduction Treatment? 


Good candidates for acne scar treatments are patients who have suffered from acne that resulted in deforming acne scars.  The acne scars may be pigmented or non-pigmented, red, brown, white, deep, superficial, icepick or rolling hill. All scars will benefit from noticeable improvement. The best candidates are those that don’t have ongoing medical illness or skin diseases and have control of their acute, inflammatory, eruptive, nodulocystic or papular acne.  Good acne scar treatment candidates have a realistic expectation about the kind of improvements and results that can be achieved, which is 30% to 70% reduction in the appearance of acne scars.


Is the Treatment Painful?


The use of the topical anaesthetic cream and air chiller make the treatment of your acne scars reasonably comfortable. 


How Long Before I Can Get Back To My Regular Skin Routine? 


There is a modest amount of recovery following the treatment.  The area of treatment is red and somewhat swollen and generally subsides, depending upon the energies used by 2-5 days. If you are prone to bruising, the can leave some bruising, swelling, or dryness for 4-7 days. Most patients, with moderate acne scars can go back to regular routines 2-3 days following each treatment.


How Will I Look After My Acne Reduction Treatment?


There will be a mild to moderate degree of redness, swelling, edema in the tissues.  There may be some discolouration and this will be increased if hyperpigmentation or redness has been treated.  This will take usually between 24 hours and one week to subside and resolve. Patients with severe acne scarring will have several days of strong edema, swelling, bruising and crusting.


How Long Will The Results Of The Treatment Last?


Results can be very long-lasting.  However, the collagen and elastin that has been built up under the acne scars will continue to be broken down by normal aging processes.  Over time, the skin gets aged, thinner and more lax. The laxity pulls on the acne scars and makes them look larger and worse.  It is important to maintain the collagen content and improvement in the skin by following the recommended skin routines.

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