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Motor Vehicle Accident 

Motor vehicle accidents can be a traumatic and life-altering experience. Whether you were a driver, passenger, pedestrian, or cyclist, being involved in a car accident can leave you with physical injuries, emotional distress, and financial burdens.

At i-Body, we understand the challenges that come with recovering from a motor vehicle accident, and we are here to help.

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and more, are dedicated to helping you recover from your injuries and regain your quality of life.

We offer a variety of services to address different types of injuries and conditions, including whiplash, back pain, neck pain, concussions, and more.

Our services include:

Physiotherapy: Our physiotherapists use a variety of techniques and exercises to help you regain strength, flexibility, and range of motion. We also provide education on injury prevention and management to help you avoid future injuries.

Chiropractic care: Our chiropractors specialize in rehab injuries. They use various techniques and treatments to help reduce pain and inflammation, and improve your overall well-being. We may also use ultrasound, interferential current (IFC), and cold laser therapy as forms of treatment to help with pain management.


Massage therapy: Our registered massage therapists use various massage techniques to help reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, and promote relaxation.


Acupuncture: Our registered acupuncturists use thin needles to stimulate specific points in the body, which can help reduce pain, improve circulation, and promote healing.


In addition to our healthcare services, we also provide support with insurance claims and legal proceedings related to your accident. We understand that navigating the insurance and legal systems can be overwhelming, which is why we are here to provide guidance and assistance.

At i-Body, we are committed to providing personalized, compassionate care to every patient who comes through our doors. We believe that every individual deserves access to high-quality healthcare, regardless of their financial situation. That's why we offer direct billing to insurance companies and accept a variety of payment options.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, don't wait to seek treatment. Contact i-Body today to schedule a consultation and start your journey towards recovery.

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