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Nutritional/Dietary Counselling

The registered dietitians at iBody are committed to providing patients with high quality, evidence based nutrition advice. There are many different ways to eat well and feel your best. We will help you find the way that suits you.

We will help you explore and compare different eating patterns, habits and food choices that affect your health and wellness. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, try a new diet, participate in sports or reduce your risk of disease, our nutrition team translates the latest evidenced-based research into real life practices to help you establish healthy and satisfying eating habits that help you feel your best for the long term. 

Individuals searching to improve their nutritional needs as it relates to:

  • Bone health

  • Bowel health

  • Cancer prevention

  • Cholesterol reduction

  • Eating disorders

  • General nutrition

  • Heart health

  • Sports performance

  • Weight gain

  • Weight management

  • Weight reduction

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